Whiria te Muka Tangata

This report highlights research that shows how a strong focus on Māori pedagogical approaches is central to the Māori learner success.

Whiria te Muka Tangata was commissioned by us to provide an overview of recent research that looks at how kaupapa Māori approaches and using mātauranga Māori benefits Māori in education and training.

In the report 77 articles/links are identified and 27 are reviewed as part of our annotated bibliography.

This report will support us as we work with iwi, hapū and whānau Māori, and Māori industry leaders and build an evidence base to look at ways in which the vocational education system can best support Māori to flourish in the food and fibre sector.

This report also highlights that there limited literature generally related to kaupapa Māori approaches in vocational education. One of the ways we will be using this report is to guide us as to where we might usefully work with partners to support ongoing research in areas that will support the goals and visions of Māori workforce development in the food and fibre sector.

Thanks to Dr Acushla Scioascia and her team at Māpuna Consultants for producing this report.

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