Statement of Strategic Direction

The Statement to set our initial direction for our work over the next few years.

We are proud to share our first Statement of Strategic Direction. This first Statement sets out our overall strategy and objectives, our commitments to our sector, and specifies what we will do in 2022-23 to meet those commitments, with indicative deliverables for future years.

Read our Statement of Strategic Direction.

This Statement have been developed to set our initial direction for our work over the next few years. We will need to review and update this Statement in mid-2023 after we have worked with our 14 industries to develop workforce development plans for each of them. We fully expect to refine and update our objectives and actions beyond 2022-23 based on what we learn from this work.

This Statement should be read in conjunction with our Initial Food and Fibre Sector Workforce Development Plan 2022, which sets out what we have learnt so far about the skills and workforce issues facing our whole sector.

Read the Initial Sector Workforce Development Plan. 

We are excited by the opportunities that the reforms of vocational education present to improve outcomes for learners, iwi and hapū Māori and our sector and industries. We look forward to working with our industries and other partners to realise these opportunities.