National external moderation

What is national external moderation?

The national external moderation system provides assurance in the quality of assessment carried out by organisations with consent to assess. Muka Tangata manages national external moderation in accordance with the relevant Consent and Moderation Requirements (CMR) document.  

What are the types of moderation? 

There are three different types of national external moderation activities. These are: 

  • Pre-assessment moderation – assessment materials are moderated prior to use with candidates.
  • On-site moderation – Assessors’ decisions are moderated while a candidate is being assessed. 
  • Post-assessment moderation – Assessors’ decisions are moderated after the assessment has taken place. 

Pre assessment moderation

Pre-assessment moderation will continue as specified in the current CMR documents. You can access the CMRs on the NZQA website at this link.

Providers (including schools) need to complete a pre-assessment moderation cover sheet and email their required documentation and the coversheet to There is no charge for pre-assessment moderation.

Please find the pre-assessment moderation coversheet here

Post assessment and onsite moderation  

There are no requirements for providers to take part in post-assessment or onsite moderation for the remainder of 2021, unless the provider is contacted by Muka Tangata. 

This is because Workforce Development Councils will focus on priority moderation activities, and planning for 2022 to ensure the most value is added to industry and the vocational education system.

In-flight moderation activity 

If you have submitted pre-assessment or post-assessment moderation material to a TITO and they have not yet completed the moderation, this will be transferred to the appropriate Workforce Development Council

We will be in touch with a moderation report or any further questions in relation to the moderation. There is no charge for completing in-flight moderation activity. 

Provider Action Plans 

Providers required to submit or implement an Action Plan or a Performance Improvement Plan with a TITO will be contacted by a Workforce Development Council to clarify requirements for moderation post 4 October 2021. This may include on-site or post assessment moderation. 

Moderation Appeals process

Providers may wish to appeal moderation decisions made by Muka Tangata. 

Appeals must be received within 15 working days of receiving the moderation outcome report. Providers need to complete a Moderation appeal form and email it to

Please find the moderation appeals form attached here.

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